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Blogulator Radio Episode #7: Gleep of Faith

Chris hosts this week’s episode of Blogulator Radio (click to stream and/or download!) with two special guests: one new to the show and one reliable standby. First he starts with Sam, a regular contributor to The Blogulator, but first time contributor to the ‘cast. Being our resident “Gleek” on the blog, he’s welcomed to the program to discuss the wind-down of Glee‘s second season on FOX. He even has some good things to say about the troubled musical dramedy – potentially getting Chris re-interested in Finn and the gang all over again. But don’t worry, both Sam and Chris find plenty to complain about together, despite Chris not having seen an episode since the middle of last year.

The back half of the ‘cast features another appearance by Chris’s wife Jerksica, this time not only to dish about the latest contestants and vote-offs on NBC’s The Voice and American Idol, but also to talk about some shows they genuinely enjoy. With the recent season finales of two of The Blogulator’s favorite shows, Community and 30 Rock, Chris and Jerksica wave a fond farewell (or rather, with their official renewals, more of a “later gator”) to two of television’s best sitcoms. While it may be a bit awkward for the two to discuss TV they can’t make snarky comments about so easily, they decide it’s good to talk about things you actually like every once in a while.

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