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Blogulator Radio Episode #11: Al Swearingen and Jen Lindley Are Not That Different

This week’s episode of Blogulator Radio (listen here via the Fancy Pants Gangsters network!) attempts to find the connections between the shows that Qualler and Brigitte are watching together this summer, now that there are a lot fewer scripted shows that are airing new episodes for us to complain about. Qualler and Brigitte start with the HBO classic Deadwood, which Brigitte may have unfairly skewered at The Blogulator long ago. Yes, Qualler is mighty pleased to have finally converted her to a fan, more than a few years later. They take a total tonal shift after that into Dawson’s Creek, which is similar to Deadwood in the use of interesting dialogue (albeit with many fewer swears.) Qualler recants his previous netcast opinions on Six Feet Under and is willing to forgive the show some of its faults for the many beautiful moments the show has delivered in his ongoing Classic Television Recap project at The Blogulator. Also, Brigitte and Qualler pitch the show that Kevin Williamson and Alan Ball should do together. Finally, we finish up with Saturday Night Live, specifically from the 90s, which they are re-watching. The connections between Phil Hartman, Michelle Williams, Ian McShane, and Michael C. Hall are astounding. And possibly completely made up, but they swear they exist.

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