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Post-Oscar Depression: Qualler's Denouement of Hollyweird's Biggest Night

So, after Chris's incredibly awesome Oscar preview/fantasy nerdery post from Friday, I'm here to follow up. Because it's pretty much impossible for me to do any justice to that post, I will simply be here to post my thoughts on this year's festivities, the 83rd in the Academy Awards' history. Since I generally end up seeing the movies that are nominated for Oscars like three years too late (I wish I had seen In the Loop the year it came out cuz that movie was awesomely fantastic!) I don't have much insider knowledge/opinion on what happened awards-wise. Except, I do know that I was majorly disappointed Banksy(*) didn't get to accept an award wearing a monkey mask. Come to think of it, Brigitte and I watched part one of the Red Riding trilogy, and that made me wish that I had seen that the year it had come out and/or it was nominated for something.

(*)Oh yeah, Exit Through the Gift Shop was my favorite overall movie of the year!
  • I'm sure it will be said many, many, many, many, many times on TV show morning-after specials and internet recaps, but Anne Hathaway and James Franco were incredibly awkward Oscar hosts. And not in a good way, for the most part. In fact, Anne's performance is making me re-think my argument against DoktorPeace's hatred of Anne Hathaway. She'll still be great as Catwoman, though. (UPDATE: Superstar TV critic Alan Sepinwall has already posted his roasting of the "disastrous" show itself. As a man who rarely gives out praise or criticism on that level, that is not good. Yikes.)
  • Actually, James Franco was kind of awesome in how awkward he was. He is TOTALLY the DoktorPeace of Hollywood.
  • As I cleverly tweeted, Academy Award-winner Trent Reznor is a really weird phrase to be a true one.
  • Actually, when Billy Crystal came out and everybody really obviously clapped for him because they wish he were the host, I briefly wished that he were hosting, too. Then I remembered that his method of telling jokes is this: "(Here's an interesting fact about something.) (Now here's the punch-line told with a totally straight face.) (Then as people begin to laugh, I start to slowly crack a smile.) Billy Crystal is boring. (I still like Forget Paris, though.)
  • Brigitte mentioned that Scarlett Johannson's (hereby referred to as "ScarJo") haircut was speculated to be a post-breakup haircut by E! News. Although my crush for Natalie Portman has waned, my crush on ScarJo has only intensified. Be mine, ScarJo.
  • Speaking of Natalie Portman, I agree somewhat with Chris that her now Oscar-winning performance in Black Swan (my favorite non-documentary film that I saw this year) was, at times, uneven, and that there were moments in it that I felt slightly less-than-wowed. But I think I also agree with this AV Club assessment on Portman's overall skill as an actress and body of work. Respect, Natalie Portman. Plus, we'll always have Natalie Raps.
  • Melissa Leo winning for The Fighter reminds me again that Treme is the second best show on TV. And Leo is one of a stable of awesome actors on that show. Way to go, HBO and David Simon. And The Fighter reminds me of another boxing-related thing: Lights Out on FX. Best new show of 2011! Watch it! Please! The ratings are terrible, so please watch it so it doesn't get cancelled. Please.
  • In my day job, I read a lot of nerdy CPA magazines, and this article about PriceWaterhouseCoopers' role in auditing the Oscar results caught my eye. Then again, like I said, I read a lot of nerdy CPA magazines.
  • The King's Speech winning the big award ... well, that's Hollyweird politicking for ya, folks. Will it be the Shakespeare in Love to this year's The Thin Red Line? Maybe. Oh well.
  • Finally, Chris curated yet another amazing Oscar party featuring multiple Oscar-themed food menu items, like The Kids Are All-Rice Krispie Treats, True GrItalian Sausage, The So-Shell Network Mac & Cheese, Soy Story 3, and The King's Peach. Delicious. Everybody should be able to go to an Oscar party with as meticulously planned food items as this one.
What did you all think of the show? The winners/losers? The red carpet fashion? Discuss.

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  1. Blogger chris | 1:15 PM |  

    Nice recap, Qualler, and thanks for the kind words about the fruits of my unhealthy obsession.

    My new dream co-hosts are James Franco & David Letterman. Too bad neither will ever be asked back. The awkwarder the better I say!

    And Anne's flamboyance made me oscillate between loving her more and kind of hating her. Couldn't tell it was her being nerdy or pompous or both. She sure was attractive in everything she wore though.

  2. Blogger Brigitte | 9:37 PM |  

    I totally agree with your feelings on both Anne and James, Chris. She was stunning, he was brilliant because he seemed so not into it, and she was often bordering on annoying and fun.

    James Franco and David Letterman should have a sitcom together. Maybe...an uncle who has to move in with his nephew for financial reasons (topical! the economy!) and they learn they have more in common than they originally thought...

  3. Blogger DoktorPeace | 2:40 AM |  

    I consider the fact that so many Hathaway lovers are even momentarily pausing over their praise a victory for the cause.

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