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Lost Theories From People Who Aren't Caught Up On Lost (Part II)

Since the last time I rapped at y'all about Lost, Brigitte and I continued to make our way through the series on DVD at a rapid pace. Yesterday evening, we finished off the fourth season. While a lot of my past predictions were sort of off and/or just totally ridiculous, the other puzzles continue to haunt me. And the most haunting thing of all -- I just found that ABC.com NO LONGER HAS EPISODES 1-11 OF SEASON FIVE ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT, DO THEY EXPECT BRIGITTE AND I TO HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL FREAKING DECEMBER TO WATCH THE FIFTH SEASON?!?!?!? WHO DO THEY THINK WE ARE?!?!?!?!? Now I guess I'll have to watch the millions of other shows we have to watch that don't even compare to the obsession-osity of Lost. Oh well.

On that note, here are some other theories/things that popped into our heads watching the season finale of season four (naturally very full of spoilers)...
1. Charlotte is an Other.
Maybe that's an obvious one, and maybe insignificant, but she's just too innocuous of a character for there not to be some kind of big twist. Oh yeah Cuse and Lindelof, I've got you figured out. Oh, that reminds me, I still don't completely know why Farraday, Miles and Charlotte are on the island (other than to add Miles' totally great sarcasm/ghost-channeling skillz (and I'm so thrilled that ghosts are now a major part of this picture!!!)) Oh yeah, I just remembered that they were with Naomi, and that Naomi talked to Matthew Abbaddon, aka Cedric Daniels, about going to the island, and all that.

2. Jeremy Bentham is...um...wait, why is Locke Jeremy Bentham?

Before we found out who Jeremy Bentham was, we assumed that he was a)working for Charles Widmore, or b)Ben Linus. Wait, actually I knew it was Locke (but didn't know about the Jeremy Bentham thing) since I had seen the final scene of season four while it was airing. But still. Having now seen that final scene in the context of, oh, the rest of the series, I did think it was a little transitioney-to-Back to the Future Part II for me. WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN IN THE FIFTH SEASON YO?

3. Desmond and Penny is the most touching love story...ever?
Brigitte and I embraced when Desmond and Penny embraced. So emotional and beautiful. If there are any miracles from the island, if what Locke/Bentham said was true, then this was a true miracle. Ah, I'm getting a little verklempt just typing about it. Next! (wipes away tears)

4. Well done on ending Michael's storyline.
Okay, again, that's not really a theory, but it was an appropriate way to end his character arc by holding off the bomb on the freighter for just long enough to have Desmond tell everyone on the helicopter to get off the freighter before it blows up. And Christian telling Michael/Kevin that he could go now was haunting as eff. Is Jack's dad the new Nathaniel Fisher, Sr.? Methinks so.

5. Where did the island go?
I think I (sort of) know the answer (sort of). For Brigitte's benefit, I won't mention any of the things that I accidentally saw very little glimpses of in the entertainment gossip rags, like Entertainment Weekly. But, I assume it involves time travel, Alan Dale's Aussie accent, Sawyer cryptically whispering stuff to people suddenly (yeah, oh yeah, what did he say to Kate? Also, why did he lose his shirt on his swim back to the island?), Dharma stuff, the smoke monster, and all kinds of messed up stuff. Yes, the puzzles are starting to be cracked by the end of season four, but a lot more remains. Bring it on, season five, whenever I get a hold of you. Please, somebody re-run the fifth season somewhere, legally of course. Please! (Addenum: apparently I can download the entire season on iTunes for $49.99. Or, I can hope that the Sci-Fi Ch...er, SyFy Channel has rights to the fifth season and starts rerunning it in August. We'll see.)

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  1. Blogger chris | 10:45 AM |  

    From somebody on Facebook that I don't know but am somehow friends with:

    "It is great to go back and re-visit the past episodes. There was a pretty funny SNL skit about you folks who only watch Lost on DVD. I will keep my mouth shut and not ruin it for you." -Dan Cohoon

  2. Blogger chris | 9:21 PM |  

    Haha another random Facebook comment (maybe The Blogulator should focus its marketing efforts there?)...

    "You should do what I did for Season 2. I bought all the episodes on Itunes, then, when it came out on DVD, I bought that too. Oh, the indiscretions of youth." -Chris W. (aka guy from my Astronomy class sophomore year who hooked up Until The Tape Runs Out with a recording studio the following summer)

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