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Tweet That Shi*

@NonTVGuideReaders: I'm about to dish some minor spoilers, so beware.

@TheNewGeneration: Just saw Star Trek. Was worried that there wouldn't be enough philosophy to balance the action (and family-based revenge is hardly a complex cinematic notion), but was pleased that the time travel explanation they use is one of the few plausible ones presented in my college "Philosophy and Star Trek" class.

@sticklers: I think I may have violated the real twitter word limit with that last note. That is why the real twitter actually sucks. Maybe that's just my literary romanticism talking, though.


@secondthoughts: Then again, many of the more brilliant passages I just read in Mark Twain's published journals excelled in their brevity. Still, those were maxims that resonate today. Not updates on the tacos at lunch.

@Arun: I will hate the Penguins forever for what they did to me and my Capitals. At least I didn't break down crying on my own net channel like this Sharks fan did (jump to 2:00 for the good stuff.)

@inspiration: I see you on a spring day, and then I come inside and watch TV. I need to move back to LA, where constant sun lets real inspiration happen. Robot zombies!!!!

@mycat: Thanks for sleeping on my lap whilst I type this, Midnight. As Twain wrote, "If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat."

@sodapop: How do you lure me to your cans even when I know of glass of water will be more refreshing? It's not the thousands of commercials I watched as a kid, is it? It couldn't be...

@N64: I showed my dad the game cartridge for Perfect Dark and asked if he'd heard of it. He first said, "No," and then quickly changed to "maybe" when I smirked. I popped it in and loaded up a save labeled "DADDY" with more than 20 hours of play on it.

@teengirls: Even though my family was at the Brewers game last night, my sister heard right away that Gokey had been eliminated from American Idol, courtesy of her neighbors' constant texting and blabbing. We cried.

@militaryacademies: To recruit more people, you need to make enlistment feel more like joining the Federation or the Rebel Alliance. AKA eliminate skeptical academics and add more "hot" aliens. By the way, according to a People.com user vote, Mozart was 88% NOT HOT.

@genetics: So many dreams to be a pro athlete, but nowadays if you don't hit puberty by 14, you've already missed your chance to sign with a team. I'm finally starting to move on, instead imagining myself excelling at a skilled "sport," like golf.

@seriouslytho: This YouTube video is the only one I've ever favorited. It makes me feel good about lots of things. Watch the whole thing, I promise you.

@readers: Thanks for stopping by, even though I kind of hate this feature. It makes me feel too human.

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  1. Blogger Brigitte | 10:18 AM |  

    haha...i love this feature. i'm sorry you hate it doktor.

  2. Blogger Sean | 7:51 PM |  

    @the bike video: that stuff only looks cool cause of the fish-eye lens. it's the angles. if you saw him do that in real life you'd be unimpressed.

    @whiny kid. have you seen the version with "play him off, keyboard cat"? that's one of my fav new memes.

  3. Blogger chris | 1:55 PM |  

    This feature is made all the better by the fact that you hate it and do it begrudgingly, Doktor. Keep it up!

    Also, I think I would be impressed if I saw a dude biking across a fence in real life.

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