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Tweet that Shi*

@theMEDIA: I love how twittering has replaced blogging as the newfangled mode of communication that news anchors do not understand. Actually, I hate it.

@Suda51: I just started No More Heroes for Wii, and the second boss I came across is named Dr. Peace, and I had to battle him on a baseball field (note: I like baseball). I can't tell if that makes my life derivative or creative or just the same as it's been.

He's saying the same things I always say.

@ChrisPolley: Watching High Fidelity last week, I realized that you transformed (unwittingly, most likely...) one of the record store conversations into a Pajiba post, that being the one on favorite opening tracks. You are a Nick Hornby character.

@citizens: Which is cooler to be? A random video game character, or a character from a movie adpated from a novel?

@adwatchers: Which is cooler to drink? Coke or Coke Zero? False competition is the key to profit.

@RonaldMoore: On the same night that Battlestar Galactica ended, a college basketball player with the same name as the show's executive producer hit the game-winning shot for Siena. The gods must have a plan...

@undeadbros: It's been a long time. Are we still bros?

@Denmark: F off already. Just kidding. You're my bro.

@Ocelot: You're a cool animal, and I like that I can think about you during the hour-long cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4. I like your fur patterns the most.

@Milwaukee: Somebody should have merged the beer business and the fur-trading business a long time ago. We could've been bigger than New York, with coonskin hats to show for it.

@KatieCouric: I'm no fashion expert, but your hair is worse than that Cold Case lady's. Thank gawd we can't see your shoes.

@stewie: Watched Family Guy with my dad last week, for the Star Trek guest apps. I don't know if the critics got to me, or if the show just declined, but this stuff is hard to watch now, man.

@thecorners: Yo, I need a re-up on those WMDs.

@Hollywood: I'm antsy for a biopic. Tell me about somebody else who was gay. I bet it changed their life.

@myself: When all you do is consume media, you have little to reflect on but the products. You blog what you reap. Don't get bitter.

@blogulatorstaff: Clean out the fridge before 5 or it gets trashed.

Seriously, who brings this much watermelon to work?

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  1. Blogger Sean | 7:47 AM |  

    LOL at Katie Couric. Totally true, for a newsanchor she usually has terrible hair styles.

    Cold Case lady is pretty. For CBS.


  2. Anonymous OHD | 9:38 AM |  

    Aaaaaaand THIS is my favorite feature on this site. Also, those three six month old yogurts in the Blogulator fridge are NOT MINE.

  3. Blogger chris | 12:57 PM |  

    Ooh I did NOT remember that bit from High Fidelity! Haha I was such a dork when that movie came out though, fantasizing about the different possibilities for Top 5 music lists. I'm surprised nobody at Pajiba commented about that.


  4. Blogger P. Arty | 11:24 AM |  

    Yes, best feature ever is right.

    @DoktorPeace We're still bros. I promise.

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