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Pop Fashion: America's Next Top Model, "Here's Your Test"

Greeting blogulution! I'm just tuning in to this week's episode of ANTM, and I'm prepared to LIVE BLOG this week's drama. That's right, get excited!

Last week, Celia stood in front of the judges and told them that Tahlia doesn't want to be there anymore. Nice job, Celia. Tyra loves backstabbing. I think this is the first time that this week's episode picks up right where last week's left off. The girls are really upset--some at Tahlia, some at Celia...now it's a full-on pointing at people talking over each other girl on girl fight. Allison says this reminds her of why she hated high school. Aminat, this isn't your fight! Leave it alone, srrsly. Most annoying first 20 minutes of ANTM ever. Aminat just keeps repeating the word "stupid" over and over again...

When we FINALLY move on to something that has to do with modeling...the girls get a lecture from Mr. Jay about the difference between mannequins and models. Apparently the only difference is that models know how to make lots of different faces (unline mannequins; unless, of course, that mannequin is actually an Egyptian princess who travels through time looking for true love). Some awesome advice they get is to "always practice in front of a mirror." Cause, you know, without a mirror, it's REALLY hard to see what your smile looks like!

For the challenge, the girls have to stick their head through a life size photo of Tyra (getting your photo taken at a carnival style) and try to make the expression Tyra was making (though her face is cute out!) based on Tyra's body. So, Tyra Banks has figured out a new and creepy way to insert herself into the show, even when she isn't actually there.

For the photoshoot, the girls get different colors splashed across their faces, and have to figure out how to "emote that color." I have to wonder how realistic a challenge this is. How often, in their actual carrers, are models just asked to act out a color? Don't they usually get some more specific direction?

Celia and Sandra end up together in the bottom two--Sandra because she takes bad photos, and Celia because she pissed off the judges. Grow up, judges! All the girls are bitches. Luckily, Sandra goes home, and Tyra tells Celia that "her photo saved her." Doi! The photos are supposed to be what determines who goes home. Hopefully Celia learned her lesson and the drama can stop. Because Tyra Banks hates drama!

P.S. OMG Gossip Girl fans...Vanessa and Chuck? Really? Really? Blair and Nate? No, no no no no! Also, I have to wait until APRIL 20 for the next new episode? Life is so unfair.

What's the deal with Libby??? Can we trust her? Cause...she was also in the hospital with Hugo! So what's she hiding?? AMIRIGHT? I don't like the look she gave us at the end of the last episode, just when we thought everything was great and she was amazing...

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