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Stars: They're Nothing Like Us

Real Men Wear Chick Clothes
Finally someone has merged three of the most badass clothing trends to create one super-style that I predict we'll see quite a bit of through this spring and summer. This outfit, a fusion of Braveheart meets homeless hottie with just a hint of Avril to compliment, is perhaps the most emasculating "suit" I've ever seen on such a hot, hot man. Regardless of how you feel about Gossip Girl's Chuck, you can't deny that Ed Westwick is a very good looking man - even (or especially?) in ladies clothing. I bet he didn't read his contract very closely or he never would have agreed to participate in the "Dressed to Kilt" fashion show in New York on Monday, hosted by Sir Sean Connery of all people. Or perhaps he didn't care about the details of the show after seeing that he'd be able to meet the best Bond actor ever.

At any rate, what's the point of a Scottish fashion show in the U.S.? I mean, I do see the occasional kilt around Uptown here in Minneapolis, but it's pretty rare and usually pretty weird. But then again, combine that crazy kilt with flannel patchwork and a cutoff sleeve blazer and you may have something there. Freaks all over the country will unite over their common love of the kilt, thinking to themselves, "finally, a fashion show for ME!"

Madonna with Child

I'm really loving this whole uproar about Madonna's new adoption adventures. Why is this a huge source of controversy, you may ask. Oh, I don't know - perhaps it has something to do with her being a celebrity who can just waltz into another country and adopt whichever kids she sees or likes with fairly little red tape, regardless of the child's family status. On her last adoption, Madonna was able to forego the assessment period required of adopting parents by the country of Malawi, where she adopted her last child and is attempting to adopt this one.

I guess this whole situation leaves me wondering why Madonna gets flack for doing the same thing that Brangelina are praised and exulted for. If they can be the saviors of poor nations' children all over the world, why not Madonna? Perhaps her "material girl" image has something to do with. Perhaps she should have behaved a little more back in the 80's - or perhaps that whole public Britney Spears kiss of death thing set her back. It's all about image, Madge!

But seriously, at her age, don't they recommend no more babies? She's 51 right now. By the time this kid graduates from high school she'll have been eating off the 55+ menu at Perkins for 10 years! Meh, I guess the payoff is that the kid will be one rich mother-effer when it grows up.

Now, Something the Kids Turned Me On To

In my travels to Austin, I conversed with a lot of people who are way more hip than I. Here's a little piece of their world that they were so kind as to share with me: the new YouTube craze, "Kittens Inspired by Kittens"

Have a great night, everyone!

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  1. Blogger nicole | 3:35 PM |  

    I think that Madonna's getting flack where Brangelina doesn't because she keeps adopting kids who have families! I don't understand how that mistake happens over and over. You think she'd learn and adopt an orphan.

  2. Blogger Sean | 5:08 PM |  

    but the trouble with orphans is that they're usually ugly and maladjusted.

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