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Jim and Christine Getting Married

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet because I'm tired from attending Jim and Christine's wedding last evening. Jim and Christine are two of the Blogulator's most avid readers, so this post is dedicated to them and their love. Brigitte and I have had the great honor over the past year to watch many a semi-bad film with them over the past year, starting with Stephen King's It, working our way through movies such as Ghost, Mommie Dearest, to when we finally decided to see a good movie together (Rachel Getting Married). And although we didn't stay at the wedding long enough to get to Christine's promised Starship song (even though it wasn't really their first dance...boooooo! Cop-out! Cop-out!), I'm singing "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" in my heart forever.

Christine is also perhaps the most impressive movie watcher I have ever met. Yes, she has watched all 100 of the AFI's Top 100 American Movies. And yes, when they changed the list arbitrarily in 2007, she adjusted her course of action so she could watch all of those movies, as well. A most impressive feat, indeed.

I have also never met anybody who loves television show credits or way-too-high-of-concept movies as much as Christine does. Because of that, Christine, these YouTube videos are my blog gift for you to share with Jim for the rest of your life. Enjoy.

First, some Perfect Strangers. Christine and I planned on making a spinoff of this show called Christy, featuring Chrisitne as Christy and me as Malki. The idea has legs.

David the Gnome is the song Christine claims to have always reduced her to tears. As Brigitte pointed out, he is only three strawberries tall, which is adorable. And he does have a great attitude about it all. It is indeed another very hopeful song.

I'm not sure if I ever discussed this one with Christine before, but this is one of my favorite credit sequences ever. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ALL LAND ON THE HORSE IT LOOKS SOOO SNUGGLY!!!!!!EJlksajfadksj;lsajfd

How have I not seen Mannequin?!? Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrell, music Starship, and a movie about a guy whose career is related to making mannequins...and then he falls for one...I need to see this. Need. NEED!

Finally, perhaps the signature film in 2008's Qualler and Brigitte/Jim and Christine movie night festival, Mommie Dearest. No more wire hangers, indeed. I hope 2009 is as productive of a year of film watching as 2008 was.

Congratulations, Jim and Christine!!!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:47 AM |  

    Hooray!! All these clips filled me with such joy! I sat here and serenaded my husband by singing along to all the theme songs....

    I can't believe you haven't seen Mannequin either - I'm thinking it should be our first film viewing of 2009. What do you think?

  2. Blogger qualler | 6:23 PM |  

    DEFINITELY!! First film of 2k9. It is settled.

  3. Blogger Old Man Duggan | 3:33 AM |  

    Mannequin was on this weekend on Encore. I hope you got to see Meshach Taylor channeling his flamboyantly gay Kadeem Hardison. It is something.

    As for the AFI top 100, I haven't seen numbers 48 - Intolerance (although I did see Birth of a Nation which had been the D.W. Griffith film on the original list), 59 - Nashville (I have rented it about 10 times), 67 - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (I saw it performed at the Walker starring Patrick Stewart and Mercedes Ruehl), 75 - In the Heat of the Night, 85 - A Night at the Opera (why the fuck did they need to throw another Marx Brothers flick on the list? one was enough), 90 - Swing Time, and 91 - Sophie's Choice. Honestly, how the hell did The Sixth Sense make this new list? Seriously? It certainly is not better than Fargo, which is one of the films that got knocked off the list.

    Also, on the AFI list, the new one is kind of bullshit. From Here to Eternity, Dr. Zhivago, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Third Man, and Rebel Without a Cause, The Manchurian Candidate, Giant, Fargo, and A Place in the Sun are all better than Sunrise, Cabaret, Sullivan's Travels, The Sixth Sense, 12 Angry Men, and A Night at the Opera, and it's not even close. I also like that The General wasn't good enough to make the original list, but once 2007 hit the 1927 Buster Keaton flick was the 18th best American movie ever made. Cracked out.

  4. Blogger Papa Thor | 9:49 AM |  

    I disagree about Sullivan's Travels, perhaps because I watched it one day when I was sick in Texas, and Veronica Lake looked like a modern beauty, and it really did cheer me up, and I completely agreed with the point of the movie, but I liked it, and historically it fit in (1941).
    I agree about Rebel Without A Cause it could be a true "rally anthem" to modern kids, kind of like Clockwork Orange was to my generation (I suppose I should say "just kidding" about Clockwork Orange so you don't get scared, but I'm totally serious about Rebel.)

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