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Angry Amy Cleans House!

It's time for another edition of...ANGRY AMY!@*&%#! This week, I've got a double whammy for you, but don't worry, it will all kind of tie back together in the end. Here we go...

You know what makes me angry?! Politics! I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that it seems like lately no news is good news. First, there's all this financial crisis and bailout stuff that no one understands and everyone is angry about. Are we in a recession or not? Would anyone tell us if we were? How many people are we going to have to bail out? Second, there are political scandals abound - I'm looking at you Rod Blagojevich. Seriously, if you are going to do something illegal in 2008, you ought to know better than to do it over the phone. And finally, Minnesota can't figure out who their freakin senator is! I'm so sick of hearing updates on the recount that don't get me any closer to actually figuring out who is going to win. Just shut up and tell me when it's over.

But you know what else makes me angry?! Reality TV! I'm sick of television without a plot. If I wanted to watch regular people doing regular things, I would go to the mall or hang out with my relatives. What's more is that reality TV "stars" have taken over all of my good gossip magazines! Reality stars and babies that is. For example, what's with all of the "Biggest Loser" contestants being featured everywhere? I'm happy that they were able to lose the weight, but that doesn't make me need to know what they're doing now or need to constantly see photos of them everywhere. The reason we stalk celebrities is because we are curious about the difference between them and us. I don't need reassurance that reality stars are just like me - that's why they were on reality TV.

So where am I going with all of this? There is one type of reality television show that I think could help solve a lot of the problems going on in the political area, and it's one that won't hog the spotlight either. The shows I'm talking about are all of those reality programs about nannies, such as "Nanny 911," "Supernanny," etc. First of all, those shows are all about kicking bad habits - very good for correcting political corruption. They're also about creative problem solving - good for figuring out the economy. And they're about patience - good for waiting on recount results. Most importantly, though, the nannies on those programs are never featured in gossip magazines. Neither the nannies, nor the families are in it to gain access to Hollywood so we don't have to see pictures of them everywhere. For all of these reasons, I'd like to propose that Washington hire a nanny to kick some ass and clean house.

But someone may have beaten me to the punch. That person was, and will always be the most well-known nanny of our generation - Fran Drescher! Yes, Fran Drescher is vying for Hillary Clinton's senate seat. I was totally shocked when I read this because I haven't really heard anything about Fran Drescher in a while, but I guess since "The Nanny" she's actually been a lot of doing stuff related to politics. We'll see how this all plays out, but maybe Washington could use a tough, flirty, nasally voice behind it. But judge for yourself. This Larry King interview will help you.

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  1. Blogger chris | 1:52 PM |  

    Oh man, Lady Amy is like the M. Night Shyamalan of gossip blog posts. What a twist! Love it!

  2. Blogger qualler | 2:10 PM |  

    I'm glad reality TV makes you angry, too. Save for ANTM, I want to poke reality TV's collective eyeballs out of its sockets.

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