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Season Finales before Christmas make me feel: Sad!!!

What has happened to the idea of a television season? This is something that’s been eating at me for awhile now: most of my favorite shows will have ended their seasons before we even get the opportunity for a holiday episode. What’s up with that? Yes, Gossip Girl will keep running in the new year, and yes, I can look forward to certain season premiers, such as Flight of the Conchords and Big Love in January, but I’m still left feeling mighty unsettled about the running time of television programs. Time was you could tell the change of the seasons by the start and stop of new episodes.

“But Brigitte, some of these shows started in the summer! They’re ending because they’ve run their full course!” To that I say—we don’t need new episodes of TV shows in the summer. We should be spending our summer nights out of doors, playing with friends, at the beach, dining outside, and generally storing up as much nice weather fun times as we can before winter hits. Then, with back to school and cold weather, television should start cranking out entertainment so that I have an alternative to vacations and sun.

It’s nice to have new things to look forward to in the cold, dead, blah time after the holidays are over and there’s nothing else to look forward to but all the snow melting. I’m happy that Big Love and Flight of the Conchords will start up with new seasons this January, since that will get me through the long harsh winter months. However, I’d prefer that these shows begin in September and extend through January, February, and all the way till summer.

True Blood: Already over. Over! That went by waaay too fast, guys. And now I have to wait until next summer for the second season.

Dexter: almost over.

Gossip Girl: Running an appropriate length of time

The O.C. or Beverly Hills 90210: now those are complete seasons. I recently completed season 4, and there are 31 episodes. Some might argue that Beverly Hills 90210 is not the same caliber of show as say, Dexter or Big Love, and that it’s easier for the writers/actors/producers to pump out episode after episode, leaving us with less that quality television and the dreaded “filler” episodes. But, I have to remain strong in my feelings and say that I’d rather have filler episodes of the shows I love than no episodes at all for months and months and months.

What do you think, dear readers? In the meantime, I'm going to get back to enjoying The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree on DVD, since all I have to enjoy right now are Christmas DVDs. :-(

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  1. Blogger Unspar! | 8:44 AM |  

    I think that it's good to have a break. Maybe now we can get outside and enjoy...oh wait, it's cold enough out to kill a polar bear. WE NEED MORE TV!

  2. Blogger DoktorPeace | 8:51 AM |  

    I hate filler episodes, as they detract from my overall feel for the show. Battlestar Galactica's filler episodes sometimes struggle to match the tone of the series, yet there are seeds of main story sprinkled throughout that still force them into any rewatching plans.

    BSG is back in January, too! For the last time - which I am happy about, as the story should take precedence over any desire to extend TV time.

  3. Blogger qualler | 9:26 AM |  

    There are other good shows on starting in January too (or, rather, shows that I'll watch out of sick obligation) such as Nip/Tuck. Oh, and season two of Damages, which I found out is awesome, starts in January, too. I do appreciate shorter seasons for cable shows, though -- it makes it all the more meaningful when it is with us. If Dexter was with us every week from Labor Day to Memorial Day, I'd probably choke myself with a wire while laying secured to a plastic-wrapped table.

  4. Blogger chris | 12:21 PM |  

    I love uniformity, so what I think would be ideal would be no new TV in the summer to catch up on DVDs/online streams, then have a "Fall Semester" for half of all the series I like and "Spring Semester" for the others. This way we don't get filler episodes, still always have something to look forward to, and still get that anticipation of not having seen a show for several months.

    Car Czar?! We need a TV Czar!

  5. Blogger qualler | 2:18 PM |  

    TV Czar! That's brilliant!! If Obama really cares about America, he'd appoint The Blogulator as the TV Czar of America immediately.

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