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Ho Ho Man-Ho. Also: Brief Blogu-Hiatus.

Ryan Phillipe's abs would like to wish you a happy holiday on this holy eve and say the phrase that every moron likes to say to point out the fact that our calendar year changes a digit in only so many days. AND HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

Also: The Blogulator is officially done for 2008! By the way, we hit Post #500 a few days ago - NICE.

Check back January 1st for the beginning of the onslaught of year end best-of lists here at The Blogulator. We'll be tabulating our votes over the next week to bring you what we thought was the best in video games, books, celebrity gossip, music, TV, and movies over a delightful collaborative week's worth of posts! You see how much more sense that makes, a stupidly large number of blogs/media publications we otherwise respect, reflecting on the year when it's actually over?...MEGA SIGH.

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