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but kevin, gardens cannot grow with such high winds.

i only have a few minutes to post, but this is important.

everyone's been crying fats domino this alex chilton that, but when i got to thinking about new orleans popular recording artists, i JUST thought a couple hours ago...


are THEY okay? oh please dear gods of nature, you have not taken from us those that have already run through the wet grass and fallen a step behind...please i pray you have not asked them to do this again!!!

our (hopefully qualler backs me on this) hearts go out to you, declarants of a time when it was good to live with you ohhhh:

kevin griffin
tom drummond
travis mcnabb

your allmusic discography proclaims an upcoming release entitled "eggnog sing-a-long." please katrina, if you have any mercy, you will allow this fruitful prospect to materialize in the near future by leaving be our kind friends of dj swamp.

may they always pack a lifetime of discourse and fake strings into 3 and a half minutes.

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  1. Blogger qualler | 5:22 PM |  

    I fully agree -- I hope the "King(s) of New Orleans" feel "extraordinar(il)y" "good" after the hurricane. "JUICY!"

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