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and so it begins...

Good day to you, internet world. This is the introductory post by me, Qualler, in the debut of a brand new blog for your internet consumption. I know what you're all asking: "What does this mean for me?" "What can I do to help?" "Another internet blog? Really? Nothing better to do with your time?" Well, kind reader, all you have to do is kick back, relax, and take in all of the wonderful musings by myself and by my esteemed collegue, Chris. So, what's going to happen here?

Chris and I will discuss what we find either good or bad in the world of music, movies, and television. What gives us the authority to make these decisions, you ask? Nothing, really, except for that we both are the types of people who will know who, for example, Patricia Richardson is, as well as three television or film projects in which she has been involved. (If you don't know, she is the mom on television's "Home Improvement", starred on Lifetime's "Strong Medicine", and had a small role in the 1980 Santa slasher-pic, Christmas Evil.) Additionally, Chris has quite a bit of authority on the subject of music, as he is currently the music director of the University of Minnesota's college radio station, Radio K. Among the types of posts you will see here include reviews, charts, and general musings on something we saw and felt obliged to discuss here.

So, with that, let the pretentiousness begin.


  1. Blogger jessie | 10:01 PM |  


  2. Blogger peter | 11:33 PM |  

    can't wait!

  3. Anonymous Goody | 6:07 PM |  

    uuugh but it's so far away and not on my lj friends page! damn you! I vow to contest heartily all of your pretentious claims until this blogulator has transformed to cold ashes. ooh new blog, hooray! :D

  4. Anonymous Chad | 11:07 PM |  

    Chris ain't know SHIT about music.

  5. Blogger Wipert | 6:04 PM |  


  6. Anonymous Bentron | 2:27 PM |  

    I still hate you. In fact, thanks to this second site, I can double hate you.

  7. Blogger P. Arty | 1:39 PM |  

    I will skeptically and loyally read this.

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