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The Emmys

Some observations on the Emmy Awards:

Quentin Tarantino directed an episode of CSI?!?!? Hey Quentin, I’ve got another three-letter abbreviation for you: WTF?!?

Man alive, Portia de Rossi is the hottest “lesbian” I’ve ever seen.

I can’t believe Kiefer Sutherland is nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series. I mean, I love 24, but, c’mon, I don’t watch it for Kiefer’s amazing moments where he screams “DAMMIT!” The fact that ANY of the leads from Six Feet Under were passed over for Mr. Sutherland makes me want to throw up.

Best pairing for award giving: Rachel Bilson (aka Summer from The OC) and Chris “Robin” O’Donnell. Somehow, I actually knew exactly what their banter would be:

Rachel: Hey Chris, I am honored to stand here next to you. When I was young, I had a huge crush on you.
Chris: Thanks Rachel, that makes me feel honored. And…old.
/end witty banter

Jon Stewart and Co., are far and away the most consistently brilliant things on TV, and I’m glad to see them winning some awards right about now.

Now it’s time to go see Sufjan Stevens. I’ll write about that next. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll take a break and let CHRIS take the reins on Mr. Stevens. Chris? Hello? Uncle Frank? Buzz? Buzz? Uncle Frank? Uncle Frank, is this a joke?

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  1. Blogger P. Arty | 6:33 PM |  

    1. Both Tegan and Sara (especially Sara) are far hotter than Portia de Rossi, who takes 3rd place.

    2. Luckily, I believe the fifth season of Six Feet Under wasn't eligible for Emmies this go around, so hopefully next year they'll clean up.

    3. How was Sufjan?

    4. Where's Chris Polley!?!?

  2. Anonymous Drax | 10:50 PM |  

    1. CSI + Q.Tarantino? Actually, that sounds about right as both are way past their prime.
    2. Portia de Rossi? Pass.
    3. 24? What a bore. Six Feet Under? Puts me under. Talk about taking a mildly interesting gimmick 2-4 seasons too far. Unwarranted hype it is. Forlorn its success makes me.
    4. Rachel Bilson who? Oh, the not anorexic bitch from that glorifed Gap commercial known as the OC. These truly are the end of times.
    5. The Daily Show doesn't really need hollow accolades from Emmy voters. Conan does.
    6. I hate everything.

  3. Blogger qualler | 8:42 AM |  

    1) Sufjan was brilliant, I shall post in here later about it. Polley is dead to me.

    2) How could I forget about Tegan and Sara?

    3) I hereby declare The Drax as the new Polley in The Blogulator.

  4. Blogger The Hero | 1:23 PM |  

    1. 3rd season of Nip/Tuck starts tonight. Now that's a show.

    2. I will never forgive Tegan and Sara for thier performance at Lollapalooza. Heat stroke is not an excuse!

  5. Blogger P. Arty | 1:25 PM |  

    Hahaha...I've grown to forgive (and adore) them for that.

    They're coming back in October for an INDOOR show...how can I stay mad at them?

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