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TV Party With Girl Germs Blogulator Radio: Clarissa Explains it All

It’s that time of the month - TV Party time. Our next (and last for a little while) TV Party is coming up on Monday, August 8th at The Red Stag Supperclub. This month, we’ll be screening episodes of the ’90′s teen classic Clarissa Explains it All. From 1991 to 1994 Clarissa (played by Melissa Joan Hart) snarked her way into the hearts of young TV viewers the world over, and rode at the cultural forefront of the influential girl power movement.

Join us on Monday, August 8th at 9pm for TV Party with Girl Germs and Blogulator Radio. As per usual, happy hour specials are from 10 to close: $3 domestics, $4 select taps, $4 select cocktails, $4 Crispin, $3 house wine. (The event is ALL AGES.)

As a BONUS: Answer the trivia questions below for a chance to win a $25 Red Stag giftcard! Email your answers to girlgermsradio@gmail.com. Trivia provided by yours truly for our fabulous (and feminist-TV obsessed) co-sponsors Girl Germs.

  1. Clarissa Explains it All is often credited as Nickelodeon’s first original scripted program featuring a female lead. Name three others that followed in its footsteps for the network.Link
  2. What school bully (first and last name) does Clarissa stand up to for picking on her brother Ferguson?
  3. The lyrics to the Clarissa Explains it All theme song consist solely of what three phrases (besides “Na-na-na-na-na”)?
  4. Name at least two musical artists referenced throughout the series run of Clarissa Explains it All.
Click on the flier below for more info on tonight's anticipated event!

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