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Blogulator Radio Episode 16: Yet Another Game of Thrones Show

In this week’s episode of Blogulator Radio, Qualler and Brigitte discuss what has already been discussed and dissected on the internet millions of times already: the first season to HBO’s new, awesome television seriesGame of Thrones. In it, Qualler and Brigitte discuss how they watched the entire first season in one weekend (hint: Brigitte feels shame, and Qualler does not), the differences and similarities between the book and the series, their favorite parts, how their dogs have a striking resemblance to two of the main characters of the show, and other stereotypically nerdy things. Along the way, they touch on the season premiere of Breaking Badand the status of Investigation Discovery as a network (hint: Qualler feels shame, Brigitte does not.) As such, the episode is full of Thrones spoilers, so be forewarned. Also, be forewarned by the rambling, although Mike atYet Another Gaming Show reassured Qualler on Twitter yesterday evening that he and Evan have extensive rambling experience as well. Episode breakdown is as follows:

0:00-41:50 – Game of Thrones
41:50-42:45 – Breaking Bad
42:45-54:22 – Investigation Discovery

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