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Blogulator Radio Episode #17: The Long Con

This week on Blogulator Radio (click here to download and/or stream via the Fancy Pants Gangsters network!), Brigitte and Qualler look into the interwebs to see what the professional TV critics are up to lately, namely, conferences, conferences, conferences. As the ongoing Television Critics Association goes on, newsworthy items abound. Granted, some news is just more interesting than other news, and thus, Qualler and Brigitte avoid the snoozefest news about HBO’s self-fawning, or AMC’s predictable defense of The Killing to talk about the stuff that’s a lot more interesting to them: namely, Kelsey Grammar, Woody Allen, making fun of Entourage, and Jerry Lewis (yeah, we’re big Jerry Lewis fans (SarcMark!)) Qualler and Brigitte also give a brief sneak preview of the next Blogulator Radio / Girl Germs crossover, TV Party at the Red Stag Supper Club. This month: Clarissa Explains It All. Boom-shaka-laka.

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