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Coming Soon...Blogulator Radio! Happy Turkey Day!

I have no proper post of verbose pop culture rambling for you this week, my dear readers, and for that, I do not apologize. Why the refusal for what should be much-needed amiability on this fine Tuesday morning? Because I and the rest of the Blogulator staff will undoubtedly earn back your approval soon when we present...Blogulator Radio! That's right, The Blogulator is officially going to be on your earwaves in podcast/netcast form. And I had no time to prepare a blog post for today because I spent almost three hours discussing, prepping, and recording the unaired pilot to the first episode of our new awesome, still-to-be-tinkered-with radio show (which will come in podcast/netcast form).

It's going to focus on just one form of pop culture (TV, the one we seem to be obsessing over the most as of late) and it's going to actually be on a MN-based podcast/netcast network that already has listeners/subscribers and what have you. Exciting, right? Find out more info about the people that are helping make this happens at Fancy Pants Gangsters. They're great and will help make sure the monthly (and hopefully soon thereafter, weekly) program will be not just us babbling about our favorite and least favorite television programs, but actually be entertaining and coherent. How about that! In the meantime, to whet your appetite, below is a list of things that went down at tonight's dry-run through the "Pilot" (see what we did there?) episode of Blogulator Radio at the FPG studios.
  • Qualler knowing by memory the name of every TV showrunner that has ever existed
  • Brigitte cleverly and purposely calling a DVR a VCR and Chris not realizing it was a joke and thus correcting her
  • Chris using the word "arguably" way too much and then it finally catching on with Qualler & Brigitte
  • DoktorPeace being told at the last minute that he was going to be Skyped in, only to have his dreams dashed minutes later because the technology wasn't available (though it will be next time!)
  • The revelation that Chris and his mom watched the short-lived CBS drama about a future-predicting newspaper, Early Edition, devoutly every week
  • A brief but important discussion on whether or not Clarissa and Sam ever kissed on Clarissa Explains it All
  • Chris sighing exasperatedly every time Brigitte speaks to how much she adores Six Feet Under (and Qualler kind of half-sighing exasperatedly with him)
  • Brigitte constantly berating Qualler & Chris for interrupting her because "that's what men do"
  • All of us talking about how we all have different perspectives on The Wire but then accidentally agreeing on everything regarding The Wire
  • Brigitte knocking the table, making for a very unprofessional-sounding radio program (I also cracked my knuckles a lot but I didn't get yelled at by the producer, ha!)
P.S. Can't wait? Catch a glimpse by streaming or downloading the latest episode of FPG's Film Army show featuring yours truly jibber-jabbering with Evan, Courtney, and another not-quite-as-special guest, Bald Bryan from The Film Vault & The Adam Carolla Show.

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  1. Blogger qualler | 11:18 AM |  

    I look forward to hearing ourselves talk on my headphones! Us being on the same network as one that has guests like people who have guested on The Adam Carolla Show basically is the same as us being the hosts of Loveline, with Brigitte as Dr. Drew, Chris as Adam Carolla, and me as an awkward 19 year old who wants to try stuff with his girlfriend but is embarrassed about his birthmark.

  2. Blogger DoktorPeace | 3:37 PM |  

    Me and Molly were just discussing the existence of a Sam/Clarissa kiss. Obviously you guys are tapped into America's pulse.

    It's probably good I missed the first one. When I do come in, I can make some metaphor about how I'm like DiCaprio on Growing Pains and then I can leave the show to win Oscars and date supermodels.

  3. Blogger qualler | 3:41 PM |  

    It is clear, then, that we will need to have a Blogulator Radio "very special" episode devoted solely to TV Nostalgia, featuring Top 10 lists from Snick, TGIF, and featuring guest stars like Molly. Do you hear that, Molly?!

  4. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:24 AM |  

    This show must be professional if you took three hours to prepare! That's almost half as much time as it'll take to prepare Thanksgiving dinner! And if it's almost half as good as Thanksgiving dinner, then it will be mighty filling!

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