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Qualler Visits The Classics: The Best Television of the '00s: Everything Ends

To borrow a marketing campaign from the great Six Feet Under...everything ends. Decades end, seasons end, television seasons and series end. The '00s end as perhaps the best decade of television of all time, in terms of breadth and depth of programming. And, rather than pontificating on the greatness of television one more time, I simply present to you, a set of clips, some season finales, some series finales, of some of the best, (or, in the case of Dawson's Creek,at least notable) programs of the decade.


Six Feet Under, regardless of what you think of the series (too soapy! Not a realistic reaction to death! Wah wah wah!) ended in a most memorable way. I bawled my freaking eyes out.

Meanwhile, The Sopranos ended its six season run as different from Six Feet Under as possible...and in hindsight, just as perfectly.

Meanwhile, The Wire wrapped up quite neatly...some people happy, some people not so happy, but life goes on, right?

Dawson's Creek also ended this decade. I watched this with Blogulator friend and Qualler roommate Paal in college, and...this is still as easy to mock as it was back then. (Hey, I didn't say they were all good.)

Oh my God, this show, re-watching the climactic clips, could have been so great. In hindsight, it probably didn't deserve to go on for more than two seasons, but holy shit what great art direction and mythology. They shoulda hired Stephen King as a plot consultant.

I talked about The OC's series finale last week, and I urge you to watch the last seven minutes if you haven't yet. Srrsly, it ended great and without any of the soapy silliness that marred its second and third seasons.

Also, did you know ER was still on for most of this decade? Yeah, the series finale was pretty ho-hum.

Finally, a curtain call.

Hello, 2010.

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  1. Blogger Dan | 7:28 AM |  

    Here's my reaction to everything:

    Six Feet Under: I agree, very amazing series finale. One of the best I can remember.

    The Sopranos: Really? I heard that's how it ended, but now that I've seen it, I think it's really really dumb. If I had kept up with that show and watched that when it aired, I would have been really mad.

    The Wire: Ahhh I can't watch this yet!

    Dawson's Creek: I didn't watch this one but I bet that what's-her-name talks in a really soft voice a bunch and James Van Der Beek is all studly, or something to that effect.

    Carnivale: I agree, this show was on the brink of being a really, really amazing show. And I think this episode is where it was the closest. Without Brother Justin on the show, though, I can't really see how the next few seasons would have been any good.

    The O.C.: Even though a good portion of the series was really stupid, this was a good ending, way better than The Sopranos, for example. Leaving Ryan with an image of having a good life and wanting to help someone in his same situation was a good way to summarize, well, the non-terrible and memorable part of the show.

    ER: Ha, who are all of those people? Man I haven't watched that show for a long time. That's probably the best way they could have ended the series after eleventy billion years.

    Full House: Haha, a freeze frame on the curtain call. Nice.

  2. Blogger qualler | 2:04 PM |  

    I still liked The Sopranos conclusion, and what most people forget about was all of the other really conclusive stuff that happened earlier in that episode (and the episodes before).

    I read that Brother Justin would have been "wounded, but not dead" in season 3 of Carnivale, but alas. He was definitely the coolest part of the show! And I like when the actor shows up on Lost once in a while.

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