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And We're Back!

Gossip Girl finally returned with a new episode this week, and upon my first viewing I felt very...m'eh. Watching it for the second time, I have to say that I'm liking it more, but it still didn't really have the luster I was expecting frim the first new episode back after it's hiatus. In this week's episode, the gang puts on the senior class play, Age of Innocence (haha, get it? It's just like them!). As they perform the play, of course, each character's storyline unfolds to reveal that they aren't so different from the characters they're playing (duh). This episode is pretty Blair centric, with Chuck's story as the second biggest plotline.

Blair isn't getting into Yale--or is she? No, she isn't. Or is she?? I'm so sick of this plotline that I might just switch to see what's happening on Secret Life of the American Teenager...I mean it, CW! I'm warning you!

Dan is still into the teacher who looks like she's his age. I get why Dan is into her--she's cute, smart, older--but I don't understand why she would be into Dan. Of all the students to put your career in total jeapardy for...Dan? Really? He's just a modern day Brandon Walsh. I'm also pretty sick of that plotline. Meanwhile, Serena is into the a**hole director of the high school play. She wants him to think that she knows a lot about Edith Warton and films and what not, so she pulls a Cyrano de Bergerac (or a Roxanne--remember that movie?) and has Vanessa (ew, Vanessa's still around!) feed her what to say into a blue tooth phone so that she could sound smart. Pretty sad, Serena! I thought you had better taste than--oh that's right, you love Dan. Never mind.
Chuck spent the episode hunting for some mystery girl who had to leave the country for some reason? So Chuck had to ask for a favor...and we all know how much Chuck hates to ask for a favor!

All in all, it seemed almost like a filler episode, with the only amazing moment at the very end of the episode. Chuck FINALLY shows up at Blair's, but where is Blair??? With Chuck's new nemesis, of course! Don't fall for his trap, sad Blair! Chuck's waiting for you back home!

Best line of the entire episode was delivered by Blair, who said:
"Do you know how hard it is to get revenge when your enemy keeps changing every five minutes?"

I wasn't as blown away as I had hoped I'd be, but I still look forward to tuning in next week!

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