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Guest Post: It's All GREEK To Me

[Editor's Note: Lady Amy's off in the City of Angels this week, so filling in for her is our illustrious tech whiz Dave, who is responsible for our new layout and domain! Enjoy his review of the hit ABC Family show GREEK, which recently began its second season and has had yet to be covered on ye olde Blogulator. Give him some love if you want to hear from him again!]

GREEK is about Rusty and Rusty is me when I was a freshman in college. We are both awkward youths who went off to college with big dreams. We're both enrolled in majors that challenged us. We both have sisters who are one year older than us and super-religious roommates who get on our cases for having a good time. We both steal black-ops satellites that can control the weather from the computer engineering building to make a volcano erupt beer at a raging party. We are one in the same.

This all points to one basic truth of television: teen soap operas are the truest form of media, painting an accurate picture of life, and GREEK is the clearest window of them all. In other more accurate versions of TV worlds, Jack Shepard would get some damn answers. Jack Bauer would retire. Chuck would never be allowed to roam free, rabbits would not outsmart stuttering hunters, and Lee Adama would never give up on Starbuck for Dee.
Give me a break.

But GREEK gets it right. Oh so very very right. When Randy pines over his back-stabbing ex, only to find that she's already moved on (hussy!), we've all been the one standing in that doorway, refusing to give back that scrunchy. We've also been the one who wins the big beer pong match, the one who stands up for what's right, the one who gives in to what's easy, and the one who suspects his friend's random hookup is a vampire. This is a way of life that we cherish and miss - one that we recently had torn from us.

I think I know why we still yearn for this way of life. If you're like me, you work a lot more than you ever spent on school, but I actually feel like I have less to worry about now than I did then. Sure, work's tough sometimes, but it's clearly defined and I never have any sort of looming test or assignment to worry about (sorry, actuaries); when I go home I'm free and clear. That change means that I feel like I have less to do, so I could have all kinds of fun, but I also have less free time. Thus, looking back on college I remember all the freedom and fun, without remembering the stress and hard work. GREEK shows us college exactly the way we want to remember it it was. THE WAY IT WAS. But perhaps it is even better than the real thing. Like an inside joke, or a shirt that still smells like your date last night, GREEK takes the best parts and sweeps away all the rest. GREEK matches our memories, and memories are perception. And perception is reality. GREEK is reality.

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  1. Blogger katherinemarie | 10:48 AM |  

    I would argue that Dave Ryan is reality.

    That was lovely, Dave.

  2. Blogger qualler | 10:51 AM |  

    Uh, actuaries and accountants, biznatch. Just kidding about the biznatch, but Dave, GREEK is, purely and simply, the greatest original show on ABC Family of all time. And yes, it also makes me yearn for a time when the biggest scandal of the day was some girl was on YouTube and I created super polymer that trapped my RA in his room and had to figure out how to cut a hole around his door, starting with putting a hot iron on it. Yes, the new season is spectacular.

  3. Blogger Brigitte | 11:38 AM |  

    I have to say that I had my reservations about Greek, and based on the commercials I probably wouldn't have given it a chance,but because of certain people singing its praises, I did end up watching a couple episodes and it is indeed quite wonderful. lovely analysis, dave!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:04 PM |  

    Also: CAPPIE!

  5. Blogger DoktorPeace | 2:09 PM |  

    First I thought this show was that one with the guy who sings the shoes song. Then I thought it was something Dave had watched once and liked and everyone made fun of him. Now I find out that everyone likes it and all of my friends were just like the characters in college.

    I'm confused; so, from now on, I'm just going to imagine it's the prequel to Rome.

  6. Blogger P. Arty | 2:13 PM |  

    "We both have...super-religious roommates who get on our cases for having a good time."

    Hahaha...so true!

    Very enjoyable guest post. Bring him back!

  7. Blogger Dave | 6:02 PM |  

    Harry: that's what it was a year ago. Now everyone has buckled safely in on the bandwagon. Catch the fever!

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