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Blogulator Radio 34: Thanksgiving Leftovers (Turkey Scraps)

In this week’s tryptophan-induced episode of Blogulator Radio, Qualler and Brigitte re-hash the oodles and oodles of television they watched over Thanksgiving break. (Who uses the term “oodles and oodles”? Apparently we do.) Before they do that, though, they catch you up on the latest in television news in a “What’s New……….s” segment, where they discuss the imminent danger cult faves Community and Cougar Town face by their respective networks, discuss the long-rumored-and-now-possibly-actually-true-cuz-there’s-a-press-release-attached-to-it new season of Arrested Development. They also preemptively put some new shows into Development Heaven / Hell, including the Untitled Sarah Silverman Sitcom on NBC, and Touch starring Kiefer “The Kief” Sutherland and run by Tim “Heroes Totally Petered Out After Its First Season” Kring. In the meantime, they talk about what they caught of the new ABC Wednesday Comedy lineup, the truly bizarre A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, the Woody Allen documentary on PBS’s American Masters, and all the Cheers, Law & Order: SVU and The Vampire Diaries catch-up you could possibly handle. So yes, oodles and oodles of television.
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