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How does that make me feel?: Summer 2K10 Edition

Greetings readers! This week has already been packed with pop culture, and tonight I will be watching Winter's Bone at the Uptown theater with fellow bloggers Chris and Qualler, as my pop culture filled week continues. I'm looking forward to this film (and not just because the title almost sounds dirty), and my anticipation of a trip to the cinema, the buttery popcorn, enjoying a film with my neighbors and friends is making me feel: HAPPY!

Here's a rundown of how some other pop culture experiences made me feel, in the order that they were viewed this week.

Augusta, Gone
If you enjoy a good Lifetime movie (what? lots of people do. it's normal!!) and you haven't seen this one, YOU MUST. It has everything a good Lifetime movie should have, rolled into one: teenage drinking, drug use, runaways, homelessness, and of course a mother who believes in her daughter despite everything and who is constantly thwarted by the men in her life. She was the only one who was worried when her teenage daughter was drinking! Where was her father? He didn't think it was a big deal! He just thought "kids will be kids," but the mother...she knew something was wrong. Just like I, the viewer, would have known, because I too am a mom who loves her kids and who is constantly worried about them! And now I know that my worst fears are probably justified, because this was based on a TRUE STORY, people, so if my daughter seems like she's hiding something, that's probably because she is a drug addict who will soon run away and try to kill herself. But don't worry...things all work out in the end! I can't tell you why, but this movie left me feeling: COMFORTED!

Before I get into the premiere, I have to mention the brilliant 30 seconds or so worth of television that I witnessed before the show started. I caught the last part of the last scene of the episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager, which airs right before Huge, and in this scene I saw Adrian slow dancing with Tom to "You Are So Beautiful," crying. And he was wearing a tux for some reason. I don't know what happened in the rest of the episode, and I like it that way.

This ABC Family summer drama (?) premiered on Monday, and so far...I think I like it. It chronicles a group of teenagers (so far following one in particular) at a summer fat camp, and while this premise could fall into the realm of way over done and ridiculous, the writers and actors so far are handling what could be a terrible subject matter (fat camp? really?) with subtle moments of both humor and depth. I feel like it captured something of the essence of what it feels like to be an awkward teenager, which is why I like My So-Called Life so much and hate SLAT so much. I can definitely see the My So-Called Life moments, though I didn't think it was overall as strong as MSCL. However, it's difficult to determine something like that after only watching the pilot, and I definitely think this show has potential. Overall, the premiere made me feel: HOPEFUL!

Pretty Little Liars
This week's episode really picked up the pace a bit for me. Things were actually starting to get...scary? Suspenseful? Less boring, that's for sure! I also realized that this show is MUCH BETTER when you watch it with a group of friends. One of the last scenes featured the bitches looking into a standing mirror which had a scary message (something like "it won't be that easy bitches!") written in red. The image of their reflection and the blood-red letters was fantastic, made more fantastic when the girls recognized the lipstick that had written the message as "Alison's color!!!" I like that lipstick is scarier than blood. This week's episode left me feeling: CONTENT!

Inglorious Bastards
I know, I know...welcome to last year, Brigitte! But, Qualler and I finally rented this flick (on Blu-Ray! I could totally tell the difference...not) and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I do love Tarantino, but I generally hate war movies of any kind. This one gets my recommendation, though. However, despite it being a good film (and I'm always especially happy when films that feature a large portion in subtitles do well in the box office because it helps Americans learn how to read) it was pretty violent (duh) and scary for me (duh) and I got sad when certain people were killed (a doi doi). So, overall, this movie left me feeling a combination of: SAD AND AFRAID!

I ended up going to bed in a bad mood that night, and had to read some Berenstein Bears to get to sleep.

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  1. Blogger Unspar! | 9:39 AM |  

    Brilliant use of the word "duh" and the lesser-heard but slightly more favorable variant, "doi." Love it!

  2. Blogger chris | 10:47 PM |  

    Shameless self promo: watching Inglourious Basterds with yallz last night made me begin my second-half-of-the-year Tumblr experiment: I Can't Come Home, Grace. I'm An Adult.

    What a movie!

  3. Blogger Papa Thor | 8:23 AM |  

    Hey Brigitte: Lifetime is why I configured our router to monitor every web site you visited.
    Plus IB is positive, because <spoiler> you-know-who gets killed!

  4. Blogger underedge | 2:43 PM |  

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